About Us



My name is Andrea, and I opened Bold and Curvy women’s boutique in downtown LaSalle that carries women’s plus sizes XL+ exclusively. I am a local, 34 year old, plus sized woman that faces the same challenges all other plus sized ladies face. Bracelets and rings that don’t fit my wrists or fingers. Chokers that literally choke me when I try to squeeze that clasp shut. Walking into a store and rifling through the limited plus sized section for something that I accept as an okay style or fit, when in reality it isn’t what I wanted. I was always settling. I can count on both hands how may times I’ve walked into a store and fallen in love with shoes or an outfit and they’ve actually had them in my size. I had pretty much accepted the fact that a lot of cute styles in clothing or shoes just weren’t for me. Well that stops now. As we embark on this journey together, I promise to try my best to find trendy clothes for us curvy ladies. Clothes that are flattering and fit well. Clothes, jewelry and accessories that make us feel good about ourselves, and are available in a store environment that is supportive and all about body positivity.

At the end of the day, I am my customer, and I will be working hard every day to find us great, quality clothes and accessories. I am so excited to have opened Bold and Curvy, and I look forward to meeting all my customers. Always feel free to contact me with suggestions for styles you’d like to see, or with any general questions! We will Be Bold and Curvy together!

Out with the old, and in with the BOLD!